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I'm a professional gambler who has won at almost every big casino you know. Since then, of course, the gambling industry has changed a lot, but the main principles remain the same. Now of course you can not fool the casino as it was before, because every move is watched by dozens of cameras. So many people are not so comfortable to go to a real casino and be under the supervision. fortunately technology does not stand still and with the advent of online casinos there are a lot of options for different strategies and maneuvers which I will tell you !

The house edge is the term that defines the percentage that you must lose before you get a win in the online or brick and mortar casino, to say it in plain words. Understanding Casino Math greatly improves your chances for winning in any game, so it is crucial to understand the basic terms and principles. Every game...

Every respectable gambler attacks his favorite game with a clear strategy in mind, be it based on calculus, on his ability of reading the opponent's intentions, or on sheer superstition. Any extra aspect that can push the odds in his favor is always welcome. Sometimes it's a clear necessity, as games that have a part based on skill defining the...

About me

I'm a gambler enthusiast who started back in the days when the casino went to the elite . But today everyone can come and try their luck, so most of the masters moved to online, there you can safely enjoy the game and be unnoticed which is very important when you take away more money than you bring.

My the first time when I saw casino was the film Casablanca, little who his now knows , but after him I understood that this my purpose and after this inachal study all game which were me are available.

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